Life… It’s just made of Roses and Thorns

Dancing on this beautiful song Roses and Thorns by Cyrille The Angel available here on, I am reminded of the different transitions I have met in my life. Life is hard, my friends. Life is Hard. Sometime, it is just ruthless. It’s Ruthless to a point that you might ask yourself if God created you for a Purpose in this Life. But do we need to despair to that point? Do we need to leave the battlefield and go around crying about the worst things happening in this Life? It is the little thing the song Roses and Thorns tries to answer. Then, is Life made of only Roses and Thorns? Let’s see.

The song, produced by Cyrille The Angel and a cousin of his, is probably one of the most dancing song in the Album Nzila Mule. You can check it out on the link I’ve posted up there. Cyrille The Angel transcends his rap during the whole song. I even marvel at that. There is no hook but a long discourse about his Life. And he came with the conclusion that Life is just made of Roses and Thorns. I kinda agree with him. I hustle everyday to gain my wage to make up the month. Sometime, I don’t have money to buy some expensive products. A life with an Iphone is something without one. But let me tell you this: it is not a reason to despair or quit. It is never a reason to quit. What makes Life is the willingness to realise our deepest desire. What is your deepest Desire or Wishes? Ask yourself and soon as you found it, work toward it. That’s true. You gotta work toward it to make it. You gotta work toward it.

But, for many who have been in the business of realising Their Selves, they know that it is when you find your deepest wishes and start working toward it that problems start piling up. Society sometime is ruthless toward our Individual hopes and Dreams. I will recommend a lot of strategies to win over the malevolence of Society. And this is where Cyrille The Angel thinks that Life is just made of Roses and Thorns.

Starting on a heavy Drum well set up for the occasion, Cyrille The Angel transcends his rap talking about the different tribulations he faced. For the story, he and his older brother went on the business of Publishing. His older brother Albert Dimitri published in 2015 his first book: The Last Dwelling of Gods that you can buy on Amazon. Cyrille The Angel helped him out and went on the next year to release his first album which will bring the musical genre Transcend. That is the little story. But it wasn’t easy to realise it. They had to face so many opposition in society as it was something new. And Cyrille The Angel translated his hopes, despairs and wishes on the song. For him, Life is just made of Roses and Thorns and you gotta be ready for it.

I will give the song 9 out of 10 as I think that there is part to revisit on the song. The Discourse is too lengthy. I asked him about it, he told me: “this is Transcend Music. I felt it that way.”

The End of the song is really interesting as two Soprano Saxophones enters and put the song on another level. I still marvel at that and the Drum. It is just incredible.

So, find time and money, buy this song on the link up there and let us know in a Comment on what you think about the song.

Is Life still made of just Roses and Thorns? The answer is yours.


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