Afro Belle by Cyrille The Angel: An Album Review

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On the 16th December of 2019, The Album Afro Belle by Cyrille The Angel was released on All the Digital Platforms. It is Cyrille The Angel’s 5th Solo Album and it features 15 songs done by himself alone. What can you expect from the Album? What’s new about this New Album Afro Belle by Cyrille The Angel? Here is my Review.

The Album Afro Belle by Cyrille The Angel starts with a superb song glorifying God. The Song resonates a lot. Well mixed and mastered, you can appreciate the purity of Cyrille The Angel’s Voice. It is followed by an intro and then, The song Better gives another dimension to the Album. The songs in the Album are so well aligned and it talked to me in some way. The chorus on the song Better is extremely impressive and as you go through the Album, Cyrille The Angel does more solo: He Transcends (Singing in Cyrille The Angel’s way) and raps more without the Chorus.

The Album Afro Belle talks about a love affair Cyrille The Angel had with a Nigerian Woman. All of it is fiction but, it is the first Album where he talked in length to An African Woman. He called the Nigerian woman: Uchebu. They’ve been together for long but they were separated later because of the family refusing to offer the hand of the Woman: Uchebu to the Man: Cyrille The Angel. It’s a Story telling Album and the first one for Cyrille The Angel. The Divorce is really well epitomized by the last song on this Album Afro Belle: Visualize, An incredible and unconventional song.

Of course, you will think why is this Artist Cyrille The Angel so unconventional and incredible at the same time? It’s because it’s The Musical Genre Transcend. We feel and express different.

And different is the baseline of this Album. The Album Afro Belle by Cyrille The Angel has lot of song with Bass Guitar playing in Solo. For those who love Bass, this is the Album for you. The Bass guitar is incredibly well done. And this Album Afro Belle differs so much from the other Albums where I was so used with Soprano Saxophone. There are Soprano Saxophones on some songs in this Album but not as much as his two previous Albums.

Harmony is the theme of this Album in my Opinion. It helped me embrace what I feel deeply in my heart about lot of my situations. Many things can happen in life and you should be conscious of that.

Anyway, if you want me to rate this Album out of 10, I’ll give it an 8. Incredibly well mixed and mastered, the song resonates a lot in The Mind. It is A good one from Cyrille The Angel and very enjoyable.

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