Distant Records by Cyrille The Angel on New Rock Hits Curated by The BlackLava

My Friends, Find the Spotify Playlist: New Rock Hits Curated by The BlackLava here:https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4lL9JDKDATe1Ed48fz5HZq?si=5vCxQprqQ9WWoHN6WmYm0Q

There, you will find the Song Distant Records by Cyrille The Angel.


The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 17

Playing on the background Cyrille The Angel – Roses and Thorns

Buy or Stream it here: https://cyrilletheangel.lnk.to/NzilaMule

It will lead you to major digital stores.

About The Transcend: We discuss about This song before and you told us what you think about it. The Article was published here on Transcendart.net but tell me, what did try to tell the People?

Cyrille The Angel: Nothing is easy. Nothing is easy. You gotta fight for what you want and give your best. I’ve taken it easily. I fought for what I believed and this is why I am here doing the best with what I got. I believe that it is an incredible song and I just love it.

About The Transcend: I see. Of course, Roses comes with Thorns. But is there any personal experience on this song?

Cyrille The Angel: It is the life I have lived around here. It wasn’t easy but I’ve always made sure to be on top of the problem. And this is what I did.

About The Transcend: I see. How did you come to make the song Roses and Thorns?

Cyrille The Angel: My cousin DJ Kabs came to visit me and he made the beat to show me a bit about Beat making. And it’s there that I will know about some new kicks and stuffs. After he will just try to make a beat and he will give it the backbone. I pursued it and added the Saxophones. This is how the instrumental came.

About The Transcend: Incredible song. What do you believe in when you made the song?

Cyrille The Angel: I believed that you gotta fight hard and be on it like it is supposed to. You gotta fight hard in life. And this is what I believe at that time.

About The Transcend: Do you still believe in it?

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. I still do believe in it but, you need a bit of Patience. And this is the message.

About The Transcend: I see. What was the best part when recording the song?

Cyrille The Angel: Writing the lyrics of the song was the most gratifying to me. I had to feel it and to remember stuffs. I had to create lot of images. I have already decided to rap during the whole song and at the time it was released, people told me that it is lot of words for a song. But I knew what I was expressing. There is lot of words play in the song and I love it. It is an incredible song. This was my best part. Performing it was challenging and I fought to have it at this level. Thanks God that we made it to this level

About The Transcend: Is it always a challenge to perform it to this level?

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. Always… it is always so. And I fought for it. I fought hard for it.

About The Transcend: I see.

Le Grand Carre: Episode 1

In The Picture, The Musical Artist: Cyrille The Angel, The Founder and The King of The Musical Genre Transcend

About The Transcend: Good Day Everybody. There’s a New Show and you’ll find us every Monday to talk about the Different events happening on Transcend. I am here with The King of Transcend: Cyrille The Angel. How are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I am quite fine and you?

About The Transcend: I am really good. How do you take The LockDown?

Cyrille The Angel: I am quite OK wit it save that I can’t see My Chicks (girlfriends… sorry for the inconvenience) anymore. Its LockDown and they are very sad over my phone.

About The Transcend: Lol. You are still keeping those girls company?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, we are Friends and sometimes it goes further than friendships. Its not about keeping company but its about keeping good friends. But in the overall, this LockDown works for us as Our Business is principally Online. Majority of our Incomes comes Online as the World Outside has kept on closing doors on us. So, nothing has changed for me. I am just keeping on doing the same thing. I just commiserate with my fellow artists who are so used to “Live Action”. It’s difficult but it’s necessary in life to do not judge others.

About The Transcend: I see. So, on Saturday the 28th March of 2020, The Musical Genre Transcend celebrated the memory of the late Pepe Kalle and L’Empire Bakuba by inducting them into The Highest Rank of Transcend: Shining Stars of Transcend. Pepe Kalle is A Congolese Legend Musician from Congo, DR in Africa. You can find more information about him on Google.

All of it happened in your Instagram Page: cyrilletheangel. And during the Instagram recreation of the Vibe you know of Pepe Kalle and L’Empire Bakuba, one figure came out strongly: Awilo Longomba. It seems you have fond memory. Who was Awilo to you?

Cyrille The Angel: I’d like to thank everybody who has shown love to my Posts of saturday on My Instagram page by liking or even just reading it. Well, you know when Pepe Kalle died in the end of 90s, we were all shocked and left alone. And I remember that conversation with my cousin about if the Band “L’Empire Bakuba” will survive it. My bet was that they won’t survive it but there was hope in Awilo Longomba.

About The Transcend: For those who don’t know Awilo Longomba, he is a Congolese Legend Musician. Just Search informations about him on Google.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. Unless Awilo Longomba become the new face of L’Empire Bakuba, they won’t survive. And It didn’t happen actually. And I was very disappointed that l’Empire Bakuba died. But something else happened. And it’s Awilo Longomba coming out with strength… his song Carolina was what you call 100% Ambiance. He stayed the same, Always energetic… very energetic. And I am very glad that he made it because the movement Empire Bakuba couldn’t die… it can’t. But I still say it: He needs to explains to Us, Fans of the All Movement why he left and why he went on to do it Alone and how was it when Pepe Kalle died. We will need it. He can write a Book. He got millions of fans like me who has been left alone. He should do it.

About The Transcend: Did the Musical Scene and Industry of your country Congo, DR in Africa lose a lot with the disappearance of “L’Empire Bakuba”?

Cyrille The Angel: I think yes and my thanks to Innoss B as his song Yo Pe made me remember the Old Time of feu Pepe Kalle et L’Empire Bakuba. They were very special and I have always loved that.

About The Transcend: Then, can we expect a collaboration between You and Awilo Longomba? Can we?

Cyrille The Angel: I will work on it. I can’t promise anything now but he is the next step for me. I will work on it and try to make a deal with him so that I can have him in one of my song.

About The Transcend: I see. Well, Thank You very much Cyrille The Angel. And people, every Monday, find the New Show:”Le Grand Carre” here on the Blog. You can follow the Blog. I will talk with Transcend Artists about the Trend, News and how they feel.


By About The Transcend,

The Gift of Music by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah: Saxayah, An Interview

You can travel the entire world and find many colors, music, tongues and languages. You can travel the world to just connect to something different than what you are used to. We all travel for a reason. But why do we listen to a Musical Album as we know it is a bit similar to travelling? Why do we take time to listen to a special voice? Some say because of the melody created by the voice, the tone and tempo. Some will neglect it as pure hallucination. Either it be hallucination or a beautiful melody, an Album called The Gift of Music was released on http://www.ndulemart.com by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah. They are The two prominent figure of the Musical Genre Transcend and they are pushing the Musical Boundary to another Level. It’s an Album that emphasizes the Difference of Style between Cyrille The Angel and Saxayah.

Today, I sat with Saxayah and tried to talk with her about her contribution on Their Second Collaborative Album: The Gift of Music. You can find the First Album by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital stores. It is titled Love.

Here is The Interview with Saxayah

About The Transcend: Good Day Saxayah! How are you?

Saxayah: Good Day! I’m great and you?

About The Transcend: I’m good. Well, in August you released a Single titled Bala Nga in YouTube. And now, a second collaborative Album with Cyrille The Angel hit the market. It is titled The Gift of Music and was released on ndulemart.com. It will be released soon on other major digital platforms. But before we start talking about it, can you tell the people who is Saxayah?

Saxayah: Saxayah… She is a Solo Musical Artist living in UK with many more dreams to accomplish in life and still collaborate with Cyrille The Angel.

About The Transcend: When did you start recording in Studio and start pushing toward your Musical Career and how did it start? If you can tell it to us briefly.

Saxayah: I started recording between 2009-2010 and I always push myself in my musical career but good things are to become really soon.

About The Transcend: I see. If Music had a Colour, which one will you choose to represent Music?

Saxayah: Rainbow.

About The Transcend: Oh! Ok. That’s the surprise… It’s a good answer. Ain’t going deep on it.

Saxayah: All right.

About The Transcend: You made an incredible Record and it’s a song that I love. It is called Bala Nga.

Playing on the Background now Saxayah – Bala Nga (Buy It Now on ndulemart.com. It is included in the Album The Gift of Music)

 But how was your Single Bala Nga made? Can we have the Behind the scene story?

Saxayah: Ok. Let’s talk about Bala Nga. Bala Nga is a song that I wrote due to many women complaining that the man just spends more years with them without proposing, that’s how Bala Nga is made and it means Epouse Moi in French. In English, it means Marry Me.

About The Transcend: I see. And the song is all in Lingala? Isn’t it?

Saxayah: Lingala and French.

About The Transcend: That’s good. Lingala is a language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Was it difficult for you to record it? I mean did you have some obstacles?

Saxayah: Not really. It took Me an hour to record it. Less than an hour, I mean, to record.

About The Transcend: I see. On This Upcoming Album with Cyrille The Angel: The Gift of Music, the Talk might be around your song Pour Lui. It is a song that touches the Rumba Community. How would you rate it in Your Musical Catalog you have for now?

Saxayah: I’m really going into style that I really love. Rumba is like an origin Song from my Country. Pour Lui will be in my Solo Album.

About The Transcend: Yes. But in Your Musical Catalog… Let’s say your Top 10 songs you made. How would you rate the song in your Top 10 songs You made?

Saxayah: I will give my song a 10 out of 10 which is Bala Nga. Soon, I’m doing a Video Clip as I have a Manager and Producer. I’m working with Didier Dickens. Big Up for everything you do.

About The Transcend: This is Really Good. To who would you dedicate The Collaborative Album The Gift of Music with Cyrille The Angel  because it’s also your Album?

Saxayah: What do you mean by dedicate? Always to Our Fans. I will dedicate it to Our Fans. I haven’t done my Solo Album yet but I will do first a Maxi Single which will have 3 songs on it.

About The Transcend: So, It’s dedicated to Your Fans. I see. No worry, you already have a Catalog. Love and The Gift of Music are among the Best Albums on The Musical Genre Transcend.

People, Find Love by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other Digital Stores and Find, for now at least, The Album The Gift of Music on ndulemart.com.

Well, Thank you, Saxayah and Courage in your New Venture.

Saxayah: Thanks. It was a Pleasure.

It’s always a pleasure to talk to a Great Voice like her and she is making herself ready to rock The World. If I am you now and reading this Interview, I write her name somewhere because when she blows, she just blows.


By About The Transcend,

The Gift of Music by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah: An Interview with Cyrille The Angel

In the picture, The Album cover. Designed by Herve Amisi

Well, after 2 years since the first Collaborative Album between Cyrille The Angel and Saxayah, They come together this year to deliver a very good Album. Contrarily to the first Album that was celebrating the Most excellent emotion on Earth: Love, This one will celebrate Music. A week ago, The King of The Musical Genre Transcend: Cyrille The Angel offered me an interview where I challenged him on how he sees the Album and what he expects from it. Here is the interview:

The Interview with Cyrille The Angel

About The Transcend: Good Day, The Angel. How are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I am fine and you.

About The Transcend: Great. The Album is coming soon and you are working hard toward it. How do you see the Album in the overall?

Cyrille The Angel: Good and Special. Saxayah pulled up two really good songs and she is also working hard on her part. She is a perfectionist too. The Album is a first one in the new direction we are taking. And it’s really a challenge.

About The Transcend: What do you expect from this Album?

Cyrille The Angel: First, let’s work hard and let’s have it out. But, I’m trying to have the Best Quality I could muster on it. Then, we will see how things go. What I expect from this Album, it’s a new approach to Music and we had to make some changes too. It’s a really good Album.

About The Transcend: Do you think it can achieve great sales?

Cyrille The Angel: I do not expect great sales as we have limits and the business is in bad faith toward Transcend. There’s no fairness in this music industry as we know they are always favourising (giving favours to) who has more money these days. So, I do not expect great sales. But, it gonna be one of the best Albums on the musical genre Transcend. And we will gain also more visibility.

About The Transcend: I see. I listened to the Outro and I laughed a lot… why making it as such?

Cyrille The Angel: Because we have dope songs on the Album and I’m so happy working on it.

About The Transcend: I see. Music is a matter that can only be perceived by our ears. It is in the category of matters called sounds. Contrarily to other sounds like talking, crying, beating, Music is an orderly pattern of sounds creating one sound at one particular moment or time. But today, Music is the most demeaned profession. Why?

Cyrille The Angel: Because today, you have politics who want to give a message to the people, you have some religious who understand nothing of what they doing, you have the people who take everything for granted and you have all the disorder coming in between. This creates a total disorder.

About The Transcend: You don’t understand my question. Why can’t we see the Importance of Music?

Cyrille The Angel: I think there is a real spiritual disorder in the world right now. I cannot understand why people don’t see Music as important but I believe that Music has become so attached to a Culture or a Group of People that it became granted. It’s because of that fact that we can’t really see the Musician himself. We can’t see The Man or The Woman because we, as a Community,  will always try to destroy particularities. It’s because of that fact that Music became less valued. This is why my Transcending (Cyrille The Angel’s way of singing) is so important. It wouldn’t have survived but Yahweh, Our Father Almighty has favored and now, we have Albums in the Market.

About The Transcend: I see. And tell me, when was the first time you heard Music? Can your memory goes that far back?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. I can’t remember. My first souvenir of sound that I remember was a Catholic Nun telling me that God was up there in the sky and the bad was underneath. And I asked her if the bad was living in the kind of big hole ants made.

About The Transcend: Lol. That’s funny… what did the Nun say?

Cyrille The Angel: Of course no. Not there… I don’t remember the rest of the story. I was listening to Music. We have cassettes where I’m dancing on Michael Jackson songs, MC Hammer… I probably knew what Music was. But my first experience of Music is at Kabinda, the capital of the Songe Tribe in Congo, DR, Africa. They are living in the Kasai region with the dominant Luba tribe. That’s where I had my first experience of mundane Music because I used to go to Church. I was baptized when I was three and we were living at that time in Lubumbashi before The African Problem (Tribalism and its Variances) started in the early 90s.

About The Transcend: How was the whole Music experience?

Cyrille The Angel: My Uncle will take late night his guitar and play tunes and we will dance on it. Later, we became like a band and villagers will come to see us perform… they found us special. Then, we went to play at the House of the Boss of the Town. He had a very big House. We played and The Boss loved it. He was trying to help his region emerge and he invested his money on producing goods. He was from Kabinda and it’s rare to see such gesture in Congo, Dr… Really Rare.

After we talked, we shook hands and we sipped some tea. Music is about all of the things we talked and you can add more to the subject.

The Album The Gift of Music by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah is set to come out soon. So, Stay tuned on transcendart.net.

Enjoy your Day,


By About The Transcend,

Transcend & Fashion, An Interview

What is Fashion? Some will answer to me that it is Trend, Some will recite the plethora of renowned brands they know, some might say that it is how you wear the garments that cover your body and some might laugh at the simple question and still think that the question is stupid when they don’t really know what Fashion is. I asked a girl once about it? And she answered:”C’est Glamour.”

Whatever your definition of Fashion, I had to make my friend Cyrille The Angel, The King of the Musical Genre Transcend sit down and talk about the relationship the musical genre Transcend and The Busy and complex world of Fashion will have in the Future.

The Interview

About The Friend: My friend The Angel, how are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I’m good and you?

About The Transcend: Quite great. We have an explosive subject today… And the title of this Interview is Transcend & Fashion. Can you tell people what Transcend is and what Fashion is?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, thank you for the question. It’s a really good question you asked. Transcend is an English word and it means going beyond the limit. It’s also in French as I speak French first. It’s a word people use a lot in Music. But here, it’s a Musical Genre. I created this Musical Genre in 2017 when people couldn’t understand my Music and we ended up beefing with The New York Music Mainstream. At that time, I wanted one of my song playing on a FM in New York as there was a Need of Memory. And I stepped Up to that Need. Unfortunately, Jealousy, envy and unprofessionalism from New York Mainstream led us To Depart in the Harsh Way. It’s in that Context that I created The Musical Genre Transcend as My Music always gives that Effect. I created it on the 17th February 2017. And it stands for Love, Wisdom, The Self, The Knowledge of The Self and Motivations. I created it so that young men and women can encourage other people to go Beyond their limits.

To me, Fashion is how well you dress…  How well you mix the colour on a Dress and shoes. Fashion is also the Fabric. I will say: “C’est le tissue.” My mother is a Dressmaker and I grew up with Fashion although I’ve never pursued a career in Fashion. But that always comes back to me. That’s how I see Fashion.

About The Transcend: Let’s now end this Discussion about what Fashion is… Cause I heard Definitions….

Cyrille The Angel: Lol.

About The Transcend: I am googling it right now and here is what Fashion is…. There are a lot of definitions but I will take the one from Wikipedia. The Source is more viable. Here it is: “Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body proportions”. From Wikipedia. What do you think about the definition?

Cyrille The Angel: Its more comprehensive….

About The Transcend: Admit that you didn’t get it… lol.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. I got a part of it. Lol. But not the all of it… lol.

About The Transcend: We know now what Fashion is and you gave us the definition of the Musical Genre Transcend. We know also that Fashion always brings something new in Life and tries also to push Boundaries like The Musical Genre Transcend does. Tell me, is The Musical Genre Transcend Fashion?

Cyrille The Angel: Maybe Transcend gonna be Fashion Tomorrow…. Lol.

About The Transcend: Lol.

Cyrille The Angel: No. Transcend (The Musical Genre) is not Fashion. It’s not Fashion. Fashion expresses itself in some point of time and then, it changes to I don’t know what Trend. Transcend is a Stance of Music. It’s a way of doing Music. And Music is so Vast. But surely, Fashion had an influence on Me and the Music I created.

About The Transcend: Ho… I see. What kind of Influence Fashion had on you?

Cyrille The Angel: I’ve always been a man in The Trend. I was always interested in The Fashion World. You gotta dress well to get that Beautiful girl around your Game. Lot of players got always their Fashion Style at the Top Level. But when I was young, I used to just watch Catalogs of Dresses (Men and Women). My mom is deep into it. She makes Dresses. So, it’s normal for me to be influenced by it.

About The Transcend: What kind of relationship you want Transcend (The Musical Genre) to have with The Fashion World?

Cyrille The Angel: Cooperation… I know The Power of Fashion and of a Life with Extreme Elegance. It’s a powerful lifestyle and you gotta be Bold to live it. And Transcend is about The Bold. It is about The Dreamer. It is about the One who tries to make it happen. I wish a very deep conversation and good collaboration between Transcend and the Fashion World.

About The Transcend: You were UpTown lately and you went to visit some shops of renowned Brands in The Fashion World. You told it on your Instagram Page: cyrilletheangel. But, Can we have your account here?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, what can I say? We went to chill Uptown and we went to the Mall. My friend asked me to go and do the window shopping. I love window shopping because you gotta challenge yourself. And seeing good things help to get that drive. So, we started window shopping and we went to Breitling shop, Louis Vuitton shop, Versace shop, Gucci shop and Gucci was lavish as always… but they had good products, then what caught my attention was Dolce & Gabbana shop. I even gave an A+++ to Dolce & Gabbana on my instagram account. The Shop and the Items on the shop were Outstanding. I saw what I wanted to see. It was good and I needed that for myself. I needed that.

Then, I had a Discussion with myself about what should really be Fashion. But, you know Trend is something else…  lol.

About The Transcend: Lol. I see. But what do you think Fashion should be?

Cyrille The Angel: I wont say it here. But I just wish for a Great Cooperation between Transcend & Fashion. I hope we will have it in The Future.

About The Transcend: Thank you.

Cyrille The Angel: Thank you.

This little discussion with Cyrille The Angel on Transcend & Fashion reminded me the need of a proper approach on subject that sometime we think Granted. Although cautious on the subject, I could see a deep love seeping through his eyes when talking about Fashion.

Well, Transcend & Fashion… Let’s see what happen in the near Future.


From A Casual Picture Taken During A Chill in South Africa, Africa to A Single Cover Art in Digital Stores. Return to What Has Become An Iconic Transcend Story

Interview with Cyrille The Angel

About The Transcend: Well, The Angel, we can’t stop talking about the New Single Palmares and I’d like to know what were you thinking when composing and recording the song?

Cyrille The Angel: I was thinking about how well we did so far… I’m in 2017 when the song is written and performed and I looked at how far Me and Jessica, My Elvish Wife have come… It’s incredible. At that time, I moved away from New York, USA to stay in Miami, FL, USA. And at that time, my song Distant Records was playing on Da Blaze 88 FM Miami. It’s our first FM so far.

About The Transcend: And you stopped doing FM… why?

Cyrille The Angel: I’ve preferred to grow organically… It is the Best Thing I could do. But next year, we will be trying having good radios to play our songs.

About The Transcend: And Palmares is The Song… Believe Me, it is.

(Playing now on the background Cyrille The Angel – Palmares. Available on Apple Music, Itunes and Spotify)

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Well, Radio promoters had pointed to Me that my song Lay It on Me was the one. But we will see how things go.

About The Transcend: I see. Return to our subject… How come a picture taken on a Casual Chill in South Africa, Africa became The Cover Art of your Single? (The Picture are in the beginning of this article. You can see the differences.)

Cyrille The Angel: Well, let’s say that I love The Picture and I think it is among the Best Picture people took of Me. I gotta pinpoint that it’s not a selfie. It’s a normal picture and it’s not the first time I did such a thing. My Single I’ve always Lived For The Moment (Also available on Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify and others) is the first to have this approach on the Cover. I just wanted more Visibility.

About The Transcend: And visibility you gained as we can see you clearly.

Cyrille The Angel: Of course…. Of course. It’s not being selfish to love Your Skin. It’s not selfish. What is selfish is to not care about other people.

About The Transcend: And talking about other people, the iconic place where you took the picture was also kind of affected by the Violences that targeted your kind… what’s your say?

Cyrille The Angel: I condemn those attacks and it has convinced me on the Need of United States of Africa. We need an Africa United. We should stay Strong and United against those Ignorant Acts.

About The Transcend: What shocked you during those Times of Trouble?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, what shocked me was the fact that I talked about everything two months ago and no one did relay my Message or give it more Exposure. No one did. Two months ago, I was celebrating Nigerian Beauty and trying to get them attain another level. I congratulated them for many things they did to Africa. No one did repost my messages and I’m not talking about Nigerians not reposting my messages. Me and Nigeria are in real cooperation. I’m talking about other people from other countries in Africa. I’ve been told that I was trying to become Nigerian forgetting that Nigeria is in Africa. And I’m African too. That really shocked me and told me of the Need for me to get more Exposure for Myself. This is why I am Alone doing everything Now.

About The Transcend: To all the people who are troubled and can’t figure out what’s happening. 2 months ago before september 2109, Cyrille The Angel wrote a lot about Nigeria on his Instagram page. 2 months later, South Africa will experience Xenophobic attacks targetting Nigerians mainly. His Instagram account is cyrilletheangel. You can find him there.

And us too, The Transcend Team have condemned those attacks. We are All Humans.

Cyrille The Angel: This is why Transcend was created. It is to celebrate This Diversity of Culture… This Plethora of Cultures… It’s really important to understand those Cultures and to be human to give an Helping hand to see it shine. On Transcend, even Chinese are welcomed.

About The Transcend: How was This Picture taken?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Well, I wanted to drink my Afternoon Beer. We are in April of this year (2019). I called my Bro and we went to this place. We sat there and I asked for my Big Glass of Beer. And then, we started taking pictures and I took a picture like this. Then, I turned my head to face the other way… Inspirational.

About The Transcend: And we can see the Ring… we love it.

Cyrille The Angel: Yup. It’s Man-Made and specifically tailored for me. I had to give to my Elvish Wife: Jessica The Best Gift I could afford. I love Her and It’s Important to show Deep Love to your Girl.

About The Transcend: She loves you too… people can live your story about You and Jessica, your Elvish Wife on your Book: Victory Addendum by Cyrille Kasongo, exclusively available on Amazon. Just search it on Amazon. Or, by reviewing your old Instagram posts.

This place in the picture will stay Iconic on Transcend…

Cyrille The Angel: Yup. That’s how we chill in Kinshasa, Congo, DR, Africa. This is why I had loved that Place. It reminded Me of Kinshasa, La Belle. We have lot of places like that. I grew up in one of those places and it was lot of fun… I miss Home sometime. I talked to a friend long ago about it. She lives in USA. And she was like Bro, No… you should stay strong. A great friend of mine…

About The Transcend: And we will end the Interview here. I have some questions. What do you want people to feel when they listen to your Single Palmares? What do you want them to feel?

Cyrille The Angel: I’ve been through a lot. But I didn’t stop walking or doing whatever I was doing. I want them to feel The Song, to wake up and go and do their own thing. I want them to do not despair but to keep on believing in what they can do better.

About The Transcend: The Song is the single of this Quarter. What do you expect from the single?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, that’s difficult to say. I cant really share my expectations. I just hope it will fall on the right ear and we will see what gonna happen.

About The Transcend: Thanks for your answers.

We ended the interview by shaking hands. Later when we discussed, Cyrille The Angel made me aware of his wishes of A Better Africa and an Africa United. For him, Africa should be One. He has great hope for his Single Palmares and we want you to take your time to search, find, Buy or stream the Single Palmares by Cyrille The Angel. The Single is Available on all the digital platforms. Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify and Deezer are some of them.

Thank you,

By About The Transcend,

BUY NOW The Album There’s A Religion or Da Concerto by Cyrille The Angel on Ndulemart.com

Here is the link where you can buy the 4th Solo Album There’s A Religion or Da Concerto by Cyrille The Angel: https://ndulemart.com/en/home/143-cyrille-the-angel-there-s-a-religion-or-da-concerto.html


The Album is Produced by Cyrille The Angel

Written by Cyrille The Angel

Genre: Transcend

Album: There’s A Religion or Da Concerto

Artist: Cyrille The Angel

Find The Single Palmares by Cyrille The Angel on Apple Music and Other Digital Platforms Now!!!

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Nzila Mule: The Album Review

Released on the 25th January 2019 on the diverse digital platforms(ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify and others), the third Album solo by Cyrille The Angel: Nzila Mule proves to be The Smoothest Album on Transcend. Contrarily to Cyrille The Angel’s previous Albums, Nzila Mule contains No Remixes which means that from the first song to the last is a New Song in your ears. That’s quite impressive. I’ll say Prolific….  Let me try to give you an Idea of what you gonna have on this Album.

Starting with a really good song titled Nzila Mule, I am reminded of the simplicity of life. The song is in the style loved and developed by Cyrille The Angel:  An Acapella with many intricate voices accompanying and a Rap that resonated in my ears as a reminder of the need to just be inspired to do so. The song is recorded while it rains and the sound of the rain gives it another dimension, a dimension of life.

The Album Nzila Mule continues with a great vibe. The use of the soprano saxophone (I treated it on the first Article of this blog) which I believe is now the Emblem of Transcend is amazing. The marriage between the bass guitar and the soprano saxophone makes you wish you could just deepen your soul on this music and maybe see what you can grasp on it. But it is not just the Soprano Saxophone that is great or the bass guitar. The incredible performance of Cyrille The Angel makes me feel that maybe he did master the art of Music. The Rap is incredible. For those who loves rap, they will be delighted with songs like Anonymous, Original, What you sayin’ to Me and Memory. Here Cyrille The Angel shows more Maturity.

The Master of the tracks is good and I have particularly loved the warmth emanating from it. There is a Deep sense of Life and Understanding that makes me wish that we can go further in Life. I mean, I can go further.  I am impressed with the song Nzila Mule as he left the sound of the Rain on the background. And sometimes the rain plays like an instrumental to Cyrille The Angel’s voice. That is really impressive and it is done by Cyrille The Angel himself.

The Album Nzila Mule in general treats about the Self and an engagement of some sort. The Album beat my senses in the beginning, then, brought me to some Blues of mine before releasing me to life again with song like Written Down In Stars. It’s a Great Introverting Album if you ask me. Song like Eyes of Beauty will definitely get you into yourself and have you feel in another way. But, it’s also a Funny Album with songs like Everyday… and When The Song Is Over. I laughed a lot.

Dedicated to Congo, Africa and Miami, Florida, USA, I will definitely give The Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel an A. I don’t think that it is The Best Album by Cyrille The Angel but surely, it is in my opinion one of The Realest and Greatest Album he ever did.

The only thing that I did not like is the fact that I really felt her: Jessica, his Elvish Wife and Inspiration and I will be obliged to write an Article about it. She really came out on the Album strongly. But, in the Overall, I think it is the Best Album in The Transcend Music.

The best thing happens once in Life and this Album Nzila Mule will only happen once. So, Buy it now and let us know what you think about it here on The Blog.

Here is the link where you can buy or stream The Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel: https://cyrilletheangel.lnk.to/NzilaMule