OUT NOW, Natalia Mubenga by Cyrille The Angel

People, Find, Buy or Stream The Brand New Single: Natalia Mubenga by Cyrille The Angel here on ITunes or Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/za/album/natalia-mubenga/1523234219?i=1523234220

It has just been released now.


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The Single Isabel Mbella by Cyrille The Angel or The Sublime Charm

On the 29 february 2020, Cyrille The Angel released his Single Isabel Mbella on ITunes or Apple Music. The song was later released on other digital stores. The song is quite different from what Cyrille The Angel always brought on the table but still… it is something you should have a listen to or even buy it if you really love it.

Well, Our Team About The Transcend and I went to interview the Musical Artist: Cyrille The Angel about this very quenchy single: Isabel Mbella. Here is the Interview:

About The Transcend: Good Day, Cyrille The Angel!

Cyrille The Angel: Good Day, Sam! How are you?

About The Transcend: I am great. Today, I want to talk with you about your Single: Isabel Mbella. How did you come by the song?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, it is twofold.  The story is I made a Dream in the beginning of February. During the Dream I was invited to a Party and it was Congolese mothers who organized the party. I got into the house where the party was going and actually the Congolese mothers were waiting for me. They asked very politely to sit and they served me good foods and a drink. After I was served, one Congolese mother told me:”the one who is seated next to you… her name is Isabel Mbella.” I looked and there was a woman seated next to me. I couldn’t see her clearly unfortunately. When I woke up, I wrote down the Name. The Focus of the Dream was the name. The name was like the summary of the Dream

Then, for two weeks, I didn’t know what to do. Then, there was a debate in my Congolese community. And the debate was among my Congolese sisters and aunties. There was a generational debate that was going to become like a rift between two generations. So, I decided to make a Single with Isabel Mbella and during the song, I defend the Mothers or let’s say it clearly my Congolese aunties and my older sisters. This is the thing.

About The Transcend: I see, so the name Isabel Mbella is a name revealed to you. Hummm… what does the song Isabel Mbella tell?

Cyrille The Angel: It’s a story of a Love between myself, Cyrille The Angel and a Congolese woman who is quite older than Me. All of it is a Fiction. We met in London on a classic bar of London. It’s a Bar that Me, Uncle Loo and Hassan love to go. I met her sitted alone on the bar. So, I tried her there and she talked very well.

About The Transcend: I see. But who is Isabel Mbella? We know that in the Fiction that started since your fourth Solo Album: Afro Belle, you are a Trader who loves to have many escapades with women.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. I don’t like to have escapades with women. I am just having Escapades with women and that’s the thing.

Isabel is a Daughter of a Congolese Politician. He saw everything in the Country. She did her High School in Congo, DR, Africa and then, went on to become an “Hotesse de l’air”. Then, she moved to London, UK to live. She met an excellent Congolese medical doctor who married her and they did 20 years before he passed away. She was the mother of 2 Children: a daughter and a boy. When I met her, her daughter was 20. She is 42 now. Isabel Mbella is 42. And me 30. This is for the story.

And we started dating. To her, I was her Consolation. She is a widow and everybody know how hard it is to lose someone to Death

About The Transcend: Indeed, but who was she to you?

Cyrille The Angel: she was a new wind… a new whisper. Of course, a night turned into many nights together and we started dating. And that’s where it became a problem to Congolese Society. For the story, her older daughter who is 20 wasn’t in good term with her. She trash talked her mother Isabel Mbella and when I met her, she was very down because she made so much sacrifices for the good upbraiding for her children and to be trash talked like that…

Now, the Congolese Society who is always very good at Publishing Things not right, informed the Daughter of Isabel about her Relationship with Me, the younger than her Mom. The daughter was upset and she went to ask forgiveness  for her trash talks but asked her Mother to end the relationship with her Consolation: Cyrille The Angel. Isabel doesn’t know what to do.

About The Transcend: And how do you feel on this whole scene?

Cyrille The Angel: I don’t like it. For the story, I came from very disturbing relationships with Lady Helene, Israela, Natalia and Uchebu.

About The Transcend: Of course, Uchebu… the Co-Star of your Album Afro Belle.

Cyrille The Angel: So, I don’t want something like this to happen again. So, I wrote the Song to express my Indignation toward the Congolese Society and Isabel Daughter. In the song, I am clearly not having it and I am asking my Baby Isabel: who got you drunk on this Love?

About The Trasnscend: And according to the Story, what is the Decision of The Congolese community of London and Worldwide on the Story?

Cyrille The Angel: It is what I am waiting to hear.

About The Transcend: I see. This is the feeling behind the song. Find the single Isabel Mbella by Cyrille The Angel on ITunes or Apple Music and other digital stores.

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The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 18

Playing on the Backgound Cyrille The Angel – Lay It on Me

Buy or Stream It here: https://cyrilletheangel.lnk.to/NzilaMule

The Link will lead you to Major digital platforms.

About The Transcend: One of the Best songs of your third Solo Album Nzila Mule. Why have you done it?

Cyrille The Angel: Because I believe in Love and I believe that if we fight hard for it, we can get the best out of it. I believe in Love.

About The Transcend: But love is a Concept. We know that you can feel and live Love but to solve all the problems… I don’t believe it.

Cyrille The Angel: Well, I think Love is a way of life and when you are impregnated with it, you can see and change everything that is around You. To Me Love is a way of Life and it is what I tried to express on my song Lay It on Me.

About The Transcend: Your song Lay It on Me is an incredible song and you expand the subject of Love to Wisdom and Learning. Why?

Cyrille The Angel: Because it is only in Wisdom that Love makes sense. If you’re not wise or not seeking wisdom, then, Love will mean nothing to you. Love is so correlated with Wisdom. Love to Me is a way of Life.

About The Transcend: I see. I asked it because it is said Love is Blind. What do you say to it?

Cyrille The Angel: The Light can make you blind…. Lol.

About The Transcend: Lol.

Cyrille The Angel: This is why you need Wisdom and Knowledge and Faith to understand the different movement of Life. Life flows. And this is one of the characteristic of Life. It Flows… Life is like a River. And Love is there. Love is in Us and we should keep it and breed it.

About The Transcend: I see. And it is a Song So High. How the song Lay It on Me was made?

Cyrille The Angel: It should have been a song where my sister Saxayah would have been featured. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do it and I worked on the song alone. I decided to release it like this and I think it is pretty Great like this.

About The Transcend: Yes, it is. Produced by an American Producer from the USA… what is your say?

Cyrille The Angel: A genius… more cooperation will come later on but I love his instrumentals… he did a Great Job on it.

About The Transcend: I see. The song is so enigmatic and It goes deep.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. It does. I talk about Love and I express it this way. It is an incredible song. Just incredible…

About The Transcend: I see.

The Gift of Music by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah: An Interview with Cyrille The Angel

In the picture, The Album cover. Designed by Herve Amisi

Well, after 2 years since the first Collaborative Album between Cyrille The Angel and Saxayah, They come together this year to deliver a very good Album. Contrarily to the first Album that was celebrating the Most excellent emotion on Earth: Love, This one will celebrate Music. A week ago, The King of The Musical Genre Transcend: Cyrille The Angel offered me an interview where I challenged him on how he sees the Album and what he expects from it. Here is the interview:

The Interview with Cyrille The Angel

About The Transcend: Good Day, The Angel. How are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I am fine and you.

About The Transcend: Great. The Album is coming soon and you are working hard toward it. How do you see the Album in the overall?

Cyrille The Angel: Good and Special. Saxayah pulled up two really good songs and she is also working hard on her part. She is a perfectionist too. The Album is a first one in the new direction we are taking. And it’s really a challenge.

About The Transcend: What do you expect from this Album?

Cyrille The Angel: First, let’s work hard and let’s have it out. But, I’m trying to have the Best Quality I could muster on it. Then, we will see how things go. What I expect from this Album, it’s a new approach to Music and we had to make some changes too. It’s a really good Album.

About The Transcend: Do you think it can achieve great sales?

Cyrille The Angel: I do not expect great sales as we have limits and the business is in bad faith toward Transcend. There’s no fairness in this music industry as we know they are always favourising (giving favours to) who has more money these days. So, I do not expect great sales. But, it gonna be one of the best Albums on the musical genre Transcend. And we will gain also more visibility.

About The Transcend: I see. I listened to the Outro and I laughed a lot… why making it as such?

Cyrille The Angel: Because we have dope songs on the Album and I’m so happy working on it.

About The Transcend: I see. Music is a matter that can only be perceived by our ears. It is in the category of matters called sounds. Contrarily to other sounds like talking, crying, beating, Music is an orderly pattern of sounds creating one sound at one particular moment or time. But today, Music is the most demeaned profession. Why?

Cyrille The Angel: Because today, you have politics who want to give a message to the people, you have some religious who understand nothing of what they doing, you have the people who take everything for granted and you have all the disorder coming in between. This creates a total disorder.

About The Transcend: You don’t understand my question. Why can’t we see the Importance of Music?

Cyrille The Angel: I think there is a real spiritual disorder in the world right now. I cannot understand why people don’t see Music as important but I believe that Music has become so attached to a Culture or a Group of People that it became granted. It’s because of that fact that we can’t really see the Musician himself. We can’t see The Man or The Woman because we, as a Community,  will always try to destroy particularities. It’s because of that fact that Music became less valued. This is why my Transcending (Cyrille The Angel’s way of singing) is so important. It wouldn’t have survived but Yahweh, Our Father Almighty has favored and now, we have Albums in the Market.

About The Transcend: I see. And tell me, when was the first time you heard Music? Can your memory goes that far back?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. I can’t remember. My first souvenir of sound that I remember was a Catholic Nun telling me that God was up there in the sky and the bad was underneath. And I asked her if the bad was living in the kind of big hole ants made.

About The Transcend: Lol. That’s funny… what did the Nun say?

Cyrille The Angel: Of course no. Not there… I don’t remember the rest of the story. I was listening to Music. We have cassettes where I’m dancing on Michael Jackson songs, MC Hammer… I probably knew what Music was. But my first experience of Music is at Kabinda, the capital of the Songe Tribe in Congo, DR, Africa. They are living in the Kasai region with the dominant Luba tribe. That’s where I had my first experience of mundane Music because I used to go to Church. I was baptized when I was three and we were living at that time in Lubumbashi before The African Problem (Tribalism and its Variances) started in the early 90s.

About The Transcend: How was the whole Music experience?

Cyrille The Angel: My Uncle will take late night his guitar and play tunes and we will dance on it. Later, we became like a band and villagers will come to see us perform… they found us special. Then, we went to play at the House of the Boss of the Town. He had a very big House. We played and The Boss loved it. He was trying to help his region emerge and he invested his money on producing goods. He was from Kabinda and it’s rare to see such gesture in Congo, Dr… Really Rare.

After we talked, we shook hands and we sipped some tea. Music is about all of the things we talked and you can add more to the subject.

The Album The Gift of Music by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah is set to come out soon. So, Stay tuned on transcendart.net.

Enjoy your Day,


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Transcend & Fashion, An Interview

What is Fashion? Some will answer to me that it is Trend, Some will recite the plethora of renowned brands they know, some might say that it is how you wear the garments that cover your body and some might laugh at the simple question and still think that the question is stupid when they don’t really know what Fashion is. I asked a girl once about it? And she answered:”C’est Glamour.”

Whatever your definition of Fashion, I had to make my friend Cyrille The Angel, The King of the Musical Genre Transcend sit down and talk about the relationship the musical genre Transcend and The Busy and complex world of Fashion will have in the Future.

The Interview

About The Friend: My friend The Angel, how are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I’m good and you?

About The Transcend: Quite great. We have an explosive subject today… And the title of this Interview is Transcend & Fashion. Can you tell people what Transcend is and what Fashion is?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, thank you for the question. It’s a really good question you asked. Transcend is an English word and it means going beyond the limit. It’s also in French as I speak French first. It’s a word people use a lot in Music. But here, it’s a Musical Genre. I created this Musical Genre in 2017 when people couldn’t understand my Music and we ended up beefing with The New York Music Mainstream. At that time, I wanted one of my song playing on a FM in New York as there was a Need of Memory. And I stepped Up to that Need. Unfortunately, Jealousy, envy and unprofessionalism from New York Mainstream led us To Depart in the Harsh Way. It’s in that Context that I created The Musical Genre Transcend as My Music always gives that Effect. I created it on the 17th February 2017. And it stands for Love, Wisdom, The Self, The Knowledge of The Self and Motivations. I created it so that young men and women can encourage other people to go Beyond their limits.

To me, Fashion is how well you dress…  How well you mix the colour on a Dress and shoes. Fashion is also the Fabric. I will say: “C’est le tissue.” My mother is a Dressmaker and I grew up with Fashion although I’ve never pursued a career in Fashion. But that always comes back to me. That’s how I see Fashion.

About The Transcend: Let’s now end this Discussion about what Fashion is… Cause I heard Definitions….

Cyrille The Angel: Lol.

About The Transcend: I am googling it right now and here is what Fashion is…. There are a lot of definitions but I will take the one from Wikipedia. The Source is more viable. Here it is: “Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body proportions”. From Wikipedia. What do you think about the definition?

Cyrille The Angel: Its more comprehensive….

About The Transcend: Admit that you didn’t get it… lol.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. I got a part of it. Lol. But not the all of it… lol.

About The Transcend: We know now what Fashion is and you gave us the definition of the Musical Genre Transcend. We know also that Fashion always brings something new in Life and tries also to push Boundaries like The Musical Genre Transcend does. Tell me, is The Musical Genre Transcend Fashion?

Cyrille The Angel: Maybe Transcend gonna be Fashion Tomorrow…. Lol.

About The Transcend: Lol.

Cyrille The Angel: No. Transcend (The Musical Genre) is not Fashion. It’s not Fashion. Fashion expresses itself in some point of time and then, it changes to I don’t know what Trend. Transcend is a Stance of Music. It’s a way of doing Music. And Music is so Vast. But surely, Fashion had an influence on Me and the Music I created.

About The Transcend: Ho… I see. What kind of Influence Fashion had on you?

Cyrille The Angel: I’ve always been a man in The Trend. I was always interested in The Fashion World. You gotta dress well to get that Beautiful girl around your Game. Lot of players got always their Fashion Style at the Top Level. But when I was young, I used to just watch Catalogs of Dresses (Men and Women). My mom is deep into it. She makes Dresses. So, it’s normal for me to be influenced by it.

About The Transcend: What kind of relationship you want Transcend (The Musical Genre) to have with The Fashion World?

Cyrille The Angel: Cooperation… I know The Power of Fashion and of a Life with Extreme Elegance. It’s a powerful lifestyle and you gotta be Bold to live it. And Transcend is about The Bold. It is about The Dreamer. It is about the One who tries to make it happen. I wish a very deep conversation and good collaboration between Transcend and the Fashion World.

About The Transcend: You were UpTown lately and you went to visit some shops of renowned Brands in The Fashion World. You told it on your Instagram Page: cyrilletheangel. But, Can we have your account here?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, what can I say? We went to chill Uptown and we went to the Mall. My friend asked me to go and do the window shopping. I love window shopping because you gotta challenge yourself. And seeing good things help to get that drive. So, we started window shopping and we went to Breitling shop, Louis Vuitton shop, Versace shop, Gucci shop and Gucci was lavish as always… but they had good products, then what caught my attention was Dolce & Gabbana shop. I even gave an A+++ to Dolce & Gabbana on my instagram account. The Shop and the Items on the shop were Outstanding. I saw what I wanted to see. It was good and I needed that for myself. I needed that.

Then, I had a Discussion with myself about what should really be Fashion. But, you know Trend is something else…  lol.

About The Transcend: Lol. I see. But what do you think Fashion should be?

Cyrille The Angel: I wont say it here. But I just wish for a Great Cooperation between Transcend & Fashion. I hope we will have it in The Future.

About The Transcend: Thank you.

Cyrille The Angel: Thank you.

This little discussion with Cyrille The Angel on Transcend & Fashion reminded me the need of a proper approach on subject that sometime we think Granted. Although cautious on the subject, I could see a deep love seeping through his eyes when talking about Fashion.

Well, Transcend & Fashion… Let’s see what happen in the near Future.


Some Flowers Bloom (Remix) by Cyrille The Angel Featuring Aqua OUT NOW on All Major Digital Platforms

Yup! Its Out, baby… Like when Aqua starts rapping on the song. Lol.

Buy It here on ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/some-flowers-bloom-remix-feat-aqua-single/1453783694

You can also find it on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and etc.


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An Hacienda in Miami by Cyrille The Angel or The Deep Love with Miami, Florida

Please, Find and Buy The Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel here on www.ndulemart.com. Here is the link: https://ndulemart.com/en/home/70-cyrille-the-angel-nzila-mule.html

The Song An Hacienda in Miami by Cyrille The Angel is included.

Listening to a particular song on the Album Nzila Mule: An Hacienda In Miami by Cyrille The Angel, I wonder if The Town Miami, Florida, USA is such a beauty as the song playing right now on my ears. The song is an acapella but, there is such strength, warmth and Love that I can’t stop playing it again and again. Now I am asking when I will get her that Hacienda in Miami. Lol. Not Soon… I know that there are superb Properties in Miami but I prefer to stay realistic.

It will be Cool to have a Property there in Miami where I can see The Ocean water splashing on stones and see my woman running nearly naked on the beach. Now you know that I am dreaming , blame the song.

This is why we decided to go and interview the responsible of all of it: Cyrille The Angel.

Here is The Interview:

About The Transcend: Cyrille The Angel, how are you today?

Cyrille The Angel: I am good. And you?

About The Transcend: I am fine. Quite a stressful day… and my first question is why doing a Deep Love Song to Miami, USA when Artists Musicians before you made real dancing songs to Miami, USA? Here I think of hit song by a Rapper: Will Smith and many other artists. Is Miami, Florida a Woman to be Loved when she really just wants to play with you? We know that they like to play?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. All women need to be Loved. They act like they don’t want it but deep down they need it. Us men are always looking for someone who will react very well to our Love. I think Miami, Florida is a Real Woman who needs to be Loved deeply and I made this song like that because I wanted to express the longing I have to be there in Miami, Florida and perform. It is among the only cities that welcomed my Music. And I had to tell them Thank you for what they did. I really felt welcomed in their City.

About The Transcend: Indeed, on August 2017, Your Song Distant Records was played in Rotation in Miami, Florida while New York refused to play your song Motivations which mentioned the memory of two USA Famous people. Shame to New York and Great Praises to Miami. But what did you see in those events that happened to you years back? Is there gonna be a shift in The Musical Industry to Miami, Florida?

Cyrille The Angel: I dont think that there will be a shift in the Musical Industry as New York got lot of Technical Expertise. We will stay dealing with New York. I am not here to oppose Miami to New York. But I just felt like African music will be very well showcased in Miami, Florida, USA. The Latin American has a lot Influence on Our Music as we do to them. The Level of exchange is very high and we need to pursue it. Everybody knows what Rumba has been for so long to Africa, most importantly Congo(DRC). New York is foreign to Us people from Central Africa. Us from Central Africa we like to party. If we can have a great musical understanding and exchange, it will really be a great step to The Afro-Latin Culture.

About The Transcend: Is The Musical Genre Transcend belonging  to The Afro-Latin Culture? Cause you refused to be included into the Hip-Hop Culture as there was so many misunderstanding.

Cyrille The Angel: We’re not Hip Hop. And this I will repeat again and again. But we do have influences from Hip Hop Culture and also Afro-Latin Culture. The Musical Genre Transcend is not from the Afro-Latin Culture. It is coming from our deep interaction with The Dream. But, to really grow into what it is supposed to become, it must allow more Afro-Latin musical Influences than Hip-Hop. And this is why I cut with New York cause I know that those Yankees just want me to talk about things that don’t really concern us.

About The Transcend: I see. We will talk a bit of politics now. What do you think of what His Excellence The President of United States Mr Donald Trump said about Latin Americans? Do you think that really reflect the State of Affairs?

Cyrille The Angel: I think it was an electoral mistake from The USA President and I think that he still can correct by presenting real apologies. I don’t want to keep grudges of the past but as long as the people responsible for the outrages act like they did nothing wrong, expect the outraged to really react very violently. And this is a fact. I think he was such mistaken that he forgot that Afro-Latin music has such influence on Africa that he cannot ignore. And this shows that the Integration Politic of USA is really inefficient and don’t take into account all the people living in that country. The Latin American Culture is very strong in Africa and I think we should continue our cooperation.

About The Transcend: Let’s go back to the song. How was it when doing the song?

Cyrille The Angel: It was good.

About The Transcend: How the song did come about? Where did you get That Idea?

Cyrille The Angel: The concept of the song is not new. I did a song like that in My second Album Coronation. Here is the link: https://ndulemart.com/en/home/42-cyrille-the-angel-coronation.html. The Song is titled Va Piu Contano Dall’Oceano. During  the song I transcend as an Italian Cantor. And this is what I should have done on the song An Hacienda In Miami. But I have preferred to Transcend at a low tone because it was more meaningful to me. Cantoring like a South American Cantor was not real to me. Instead I went for The Pure Transcending because… It was just beautiful.

About The Transcend: I see. When are you coming to Miami, Florida then? I heard that you will make The VIP section of LIV Miami Nightclub feel Like His Heaven Section(The Highest VIP Post on LIV Miami NightClub)? Lol.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Stop it… please… lol. Well, for now it is just wishes. But I am working on it and I think on March or April I will send a Song on A radio in Florida with the hope of getting some hype and from there we will see. I think that Miami, Florida is a woman who wants to be conquered the right way. She showed me she wants something with me so, I will put some efforts.

About The Transcend: That’s really good to hear. Do you think of a permanent residence there?

Cyrille The Angel: We will see how things go. I can’t say anything for now.

About The Transcend: Thank you.

You can buy the song An Hacienda In Miami by Cyrille The Angel and the Album Nzila Mule here: https://ndulemart.com/en/home/70-cyrille-the-angel-nzila-mule.html


By About The Transcend,

Written Down In Stars by Cyrille The Angel or The Pleasure of A Starry Night

Photo taken by Cyrille The Angel

Many songs have been written about Love and many have tried to explore the feelings the two persons involved share. There are countless of them if you ask me. But none of them has tried to contemplate The Pleasure of a Starry Night.

It is cold right now as I am writing down this Article. I put the song on repeat. I got my headphones on my ears, volume well balanced. The Piano is intriguing. The Whole instrumental is just evading you in another level and Cyrille The Angel’s transcending is on another level. We had a long talk with Cyrille The Angel about The Song and here is the Interview:

About The Transcend: Good evening Cyrille The Angel! How are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I am good and you?

About The Transcend: I am really fine. This evening we will talk about A song very powerful on This Album Nzila Mule: Written Down In Stars. Tell me, do you only make songs when you are inspired? Or…

Cyrille The Angel: Well, it is difficult to say. It depends but I always make an effort to stay inspired and live my Life at his fullest potential. It is difficult to say yes or no because I can be stupid sometime.

About The Transcend: Like that Joke you made about performing at Liv Miami… lol.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol.

About The Transcend: I will write about it later. But can you tell us the Inspiration about The Instrumental of this song? Please, tell us…

Cyrille The Angel: I don’t remember well but It was I think in 2017, august 2017. And I slept and I dreamed I was at the parking of a shopping centre not far from where I live and someone was singing a song. She was singing it in Portuguese. I felt the accent and words. I couldn’t get it but I only memorised the melody. And it is the Melody we have of the piano playing on the instrumental.

About The Transcend: Why such Charms? I am deeply charmed.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Well, this is Transcend Music and we are trying at our best to express the feeling buried in our being: Love. The Charm is from the inspiration and when I made the instrumental I made sure that the piano be deep and the violin really resonating. I think I achieved something here.

About The Transcend: On The Song, you’re trying to convince your woman that the Love you share with her is true. Why didn’t you say that it is simply true? Why say that it is written down in stars?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, when I finished the instrumental, I called it Written Down In Stars because it had that feeling on it. It had that Power. When writing the song, I decided to be a bit real and a bit poetical. Look… the instrumental asked for something really unconventional and that’s what I did.

About The Transcend: Yup. The Song is really unconventional. How would you grade it on This Musical Genre Transcend? Is it The Archetype song of The Musical genre Transcend?

Cyrille The Angel: No. No. I think it is one of the most innovative song on this Musical Genre Transcend but we still have a long road to go. Saxayah has still more to offer. It is too soon to call it The Archetype Song of The Musical Genre Transcend. But it is something really deep and I am really happy to have achieved it.

About The Transcend: The performance is incredible. What is your secret to always produce such performance?

Cyrille The Angel: There is no secret. Just make sure that you are happy with what you did or people feel you. There is no secret. I have none.

About The Transcend: Can Love be Written Down In Stars?

Cyrille The Angel: When I say Written Down In Stars, I just mean that it is destined to be. And on the song I tried to give that Power so that you understand that Our Love is Stronger and there is nothing you can do about it.

About The Transcend: What was the best part when recording the song? What was it?

Cyrille The Angel: The best part was when I was transcending my rap. I had lot of difficulty to transcend. But the transcended rap came just like that.

About The Transcend: Lol. I see. What will you tell our Reader this Evening?

Cyrille The Angel: Please, Go now and buy the Album Nzila Mule on www.ndulemart.com. Here is the link to access it directly: http://ndulemart.com/en/home/70-cyrille-the-angel-nzila-mule.html

I will advise that you buy the whole Album and listen to each track in order. But if you can’t now, you can buy the song Written Down In Stars and enjoy it now.

About The Transcend: Sure. Thank you for the Talk.

Cyrille The Angel: It is me who thanks you.

The beauty of a Starry Night is that it leaves you in such contemplation that you might drown on it. I marvel to what The Almighty has created. And what is the feeling of a sky without stars? This song had me dancing among The Stars and it is for the first time I ever experienced such feeling.

But, please go and discover it for yourself.

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Coming Soon: The Remix of Cyrille The Angel’s Song Some Flowers Bloom Featuring Aqua

To Come Out soon on Major Digital Platforms in 1-2 weeks.

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An Evening with La Marquise du Transcend: Saxayah

Well, 2019 has very well started. I can see the mood around; people are again about their business with a new spirit. The world is not changing though as News around the globe are still gloomy but no need to get it twisted. It is what it is.

Yesterday, we had a fantastic evening with La Marquise du Transcend: Saxayah where we talked about this New Year and what she wished. She opened up a bit about herself. For those who would like to know her well, here is The Interview.

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About The Transcend:  Good Evening Saxayah… How are you?

Saxayah: Yes, I’m Great. Thanks. And you?

About The Transcend: I’m ok. Doing great actually. We got a Blog now and everything is going well. It’s been long since we talked. And I’d like to know what do you have for us this year?

Saxayah: Yeah… It’s been long, busy life you know. This year I am thinking of a Maxi Single but to be released in summer time.

About The Transcend: I see. Can we have a little “Resumé” from you? Who is Saxayah?

Saxayah: I am an African Musical Artist from Congo (DR). I started singing at a young age and has been singing in churches and then, I have recorded few songs. I am number 5 in my Family and I have two lovely kids. I am actually living in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

About The Transcend: The Picture is perfect. When you say you will give this year a Maxi Single. What do you mean? It is for the people. They need clarity.

Saxayah: A Maxi Single is a Single; the only thing is it can have two or three songs like bonus.

About The Transcend: I see. We won’t enter the details as it is to be released in Summer (Northern Summer). Save your Passion for Music which is undeniable, what else do you love to do?

Saxayah: I love to spend time with my kids and watch Films. And I’m A Model too.

About The Transcend: Great. If one day, you had to perform Live, where do you want it to be?

Saxayah: Just where I live in The United Kingdom. I love the place and I want people to know me here. I would love to perform in A Big Stadium in London.

About The Transcend: That’s big. You have Grand Ambition….

Saxayah: Lol.

About The Transcend: And how is UK treating you so far? Are you conquering UK people’s heart?

Saxayah: It is hard but we will try our best. I want them to know me from this summer with my Maxi Single. There will be 2 songs on it.

About The Transcend: That’s good. We will wait for it. But, Cyrille The Angel has hinted to me that you two might collaborate again soon. Can we have a Second Collaborative Album between you and him this year again? By The way, guys, you can have their first collaborative Album titled Love here on ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1316212670?ls=1&app=itunes.

Saxayah: Yes. Maybe… I will definitely collaborate with Cyrille The Angel. I just let you wait for the surprise…

About The Transcend: Surprise Indeed. The Transcend will celebrate his Second Anniversary. What are your Thoughts about it?

Saxayah: Transcend is getting bigger and is wonderful. I am happy to be one of them; I mean one of the Musical Genre Transcend. It’s a Symbol of The Work and The Perseverance.

About The Transcend: I see. Can you give them Your Social Media Information so that People can follow you and be updated about Saxayah Music?

Saxayah: Of Course… Catch me on Instagram: Saxayah.official

Snapchat: Saxayah.16Kab’s

Facebook: Smkkabs Holly

About The Transcend: And Your Soundcloud and YouTube?

Saxayah: Oh! Yes. My Souncloud is SaxayahSacha and My YouTube skabs2011

About The Transcend: Thank you so much Saxayah. We will talk again soon

Saxayah: It is My Pleasure.

Well, if you didn’t know Saxayah, now you have an Idea of who she is. Go now and find her on Social Media and stay updated.

Enjoy Your Evening


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