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Nzila Mule: The Album Review

Released on the 25th January 2019 on the diverse digital platforms(ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify and others), the third Album solo by Cyrille The Angel: Nzila Mule proves to be The Smoothest Album on Transcend. Contrarily to Cyrille The Angel’s previous Albums, Nzila Mule contains No Remixes which means that from the first song to the last is a New Song in your ears. That’s quite impressive. I’ll say Prolific….  Let me try to give you an Idea of what you gonna have on this Album.

Starting with a really good song titled Nzila Mule, I am reminded of the simplicity of life. The song is in the style loved and developed by Cyrille The Angel:  An Acapella with many intricate voices accompanying and a Rap that resonated in my ears as a reminder of the need to just be inspired to do so. The song is recorded while it rains and the sound of the rain gives it another dimension, a dimension of life.

The Album Nzila Mule continues with a great vibe. The use of the soprano saxophone (I treated it on the first Article of this blog) which I believe is now the Emblem of Transcend is amazing. The marriage between the bass guitar and the soprano saxophone makes you wish you could just deepen your soul on this music and maybe see what you can grasp on it. But it is not just the Soprano Saxophone that is great or the bass guitar. The incredible performance of Cyrille The Angel makes me feel that maybe he did master the art of Music. The Rap is incredible. For those who loves rap, they will be delighted with songs like Anonymous, Original, What you sayin’ to Me and Memory. Here Cyrille The Angel shows more Maturity.

The Master of the tracks is good and I have particularly loved the warmth emanating from it. There is a Deep sense of Life and Understanding that makes me wish that we can go further in Life. I mean, I can go further.  I am impressed with the song Nzila Mule as he left the sound of the Rain on the background. And sometimes the rain plays like an instrumental to Cyrille The Angel’s voice. That is really impressive and it is done by Cyrille The Angel himself.

The Album Nzila Mule in general treats about the Self and an engagement of some sort. The Album beat my senses in the beginning, then, brought me to some Blues of mine before releasing me to life again with song like Written Down In Stars. It’s a Great Introverting Album if you ask me. Song like Eyes of Beauty will definitely get you into yourself and have you feel in another way. But, it’s also a Funny Album with songs like Everyday… and When The Song Is Over. I laughed a lot.

Dedicated to Congo, Africa and Miami, Florida, USA, I will definitely give The Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel an A. I don’t think that it is The Best Album by Cyrille The Angel but surely, it is in my opinion one of The Realest and Greatest Album he ever did.

The only thing that I did not like is the fact that I really felt her: Jessica, his Elvish Wife and Inspiration and I will be obliged to write an Article about it. She really came out on the Album strongly. But, in the Overall, I think it is the Best Album in The Transcend Music.

The best thing happens once in Life and this Album Nzila Mule will only happen once. So, Buy it now and let us know what you think about it here on The Blog.

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Find, Buy or Stream The Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel here on This Link giving access to Major Digital Platforms:

When the Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel ends, there is something like a quartet. It starts with the snippet Memory Prelude I and ends with the song Memory. For those who don’t know what is a Quartet, well, a Quartet happens when a group of four people play music together or sing together. And here, at the end of the Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel, there are three songs playing that Transcend… This is why I said it is like a quartet.

The Song Memory was composed and performed last year by Cyrille The Angel. The In and Out was never revealed but today, I will sit with him and let him talk to us about it. I called The Song Memory The Perfect Transcend.

Here is The Interview

About The Transcend: Good Day Cyrille The Angel!

Cyrille The Angel: Good Day Sam… How are you?

About The Transcend: I am Great. Today we will talk about a song… I think The Best Song on This Album Nzila Mule although you did not choose it as The Single of The Album. Your Song Lay It on Me produced by a Very Dope Producer from Florida, USA: Da’Professor was chosen. Why did you make that Choice?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, that’s an obvious and easy question. My song Lay It on Me is more relevant to this generation. There is Autotune and my Transcending is perfect on it. The Instrumental is among The Best of my Friend Jhonny Charles aka Da’Professor. The Song is perfect for this Generation and It deserves all the Attention I gave it. I won’t lie to you but it does. I made it my Single so that the Young boys and girls cannot despair when facing The Reality of Love. Reality like what Khloe Kardashian has faced with Tristan Thompson. I just want them to never despair.

About The Transcend: But, when choosing a Single of An Album, don’t you think that it is important to put in front a Sound that gives an overview of the Album? Remember that The Album Nzila Mule is at 76,9% produced by yourself. I am talking about Instrumentals.

Cyrille The Angel: Where the f$#k did you get those numbers?

About The Transcend: Lol. There are only 2 songs not produced by  yourself. You do 2 divide by 26 songs and it gives you 76% which is a lot.

Cyrille The Angel: Thank you for the Precision. Lay It on Me does represent the Album Nzila Mule. It is on the Same Tone and it is an important thing. You can’t do Music and ignore the people who are listening… you can’t. You have to take them into account and this is what I did. They are not ready for My Song Memory.

About The Transcend: I see. So, How did you come by your Song Memory? How?

Cyrille The Angel: I made sure that My Muse and Wife: Jessica be Loved, So this is why she has given me too many Presents and I think The Song is one of her Gifts. I was working on something else when like a little vision, I saw a rapper (Old School Rappers) telling me the First words of My Song Memory. And I took it from there. The Instrumental and everything else is me who continued that because I am so Transcend. I live by Transcend. Transcend is everything to Me. Everything that I do is Transcend. And this is why we are here with An All Musical Genre Called Transcend. This is how things are.

About The Transcend: Talking about Memory… what did you try to express?

Cyrille The Angel: Something deep in my Heart… Something that y’all cannot really grasp. The Past is something that will always give headache to many people because of the fact that it can never be changed. Scientists are dreaming about a Time Machine where they can correct some mistakes of The Time but who can? How can you know that this is really a mistake you did?

About The Transcend: But we all know from what you said on Your Book Victory Addendum Available here on Amazon: that you wished you had pursued the girl you had fell in love with and you thought that it was not appropriate as there was an Age problems. Don’t you wish to go back in time and heal that mistake?

Cyrille The Angel: I sincerely don’t think that I made a mistake there as that person is fine where she at. So, I think there are no Mistakes. There are just lessons to be learned. God did not give us that Option to Rewind Time, He knows why He did that.

About The Transcend: You don’t think that It is A Pattern of The Universe?

Cyrille The Angel: What is The Universe without God, His Creator?

About The Transcend: And Your Song Memory brings you that kind of questioning to your Head… How would you Call the Song Memory? How? I called it The Perfect Transcend.

Cyrille The Angel: I will not call it The Perfect Transcend as I still have a long way to go… but I will definitely call it The Perfect Mixture of Blues and Trance. And it is also a Dimension of The Musical Genre Transcend.

About The Transcend: I see. Thank you.

Cyrille The Angel: My Pleasure.

Talking with Cyrille The Angel about His Song Memory made me realise that everything is possible in Life and you just need to put your hand on it. His Body language told me that he was ready to do the extra mile to get what he wants. Surely Past is a deep well of experience but I still fancy the possibility of changing it. Sometime, I do although there are much evidence to its contrary.

Well, people, Find The Quartet at the end of The Album Nzila Mule and Enjoy


The Song Sweeter Than Strawberry by Cyrille The Angel or The Testimony of The Importance of Truly Believe In Yourself

On the first March 2016, Cyrille The Angel wrote and recorded the beautiful song Sweeter Than Strawberry. Acclaimed by many as the most endearing song on his first Album: Victory and loved by many, the song still hides many secrets. In an attempt to reorganise his files, Cyrille The Angel came across the first version of the song Sweeter Than Strawberry. It is with pain that he told me the story behind the making the song. I could not let it passed as it is important to leave a Memory so that others can understand and do better. Our Team About The Transcend went to interview Cyrille The Angel about This Song who is ranked at my point of view as The Best Love Song in The World.

You can find it on ITunes and other digital Platforms. We recommend that you search it.


About The Transcend: Cyrille The Angel, How are you today?

Cyrille The Angel: I feel ok. I am still shaken by what I found but I’m ok now.

About The Transcend: Indeed. On the 1st March 2016, you wrote and perform your song Sweeter Than Strawberry. The Song was produced by your younger brother and producer of The Album Victory: Kascott LK. How was it when writing The Song? How was it?

Cyrille The Angel: It is one of the most difficult song I’ve ever wrote… I was

About The Transcend: Is it?

Cyrille The Angel: yup. It is. I inspired the Instrumental of the song. I mean by inspiring the song that I gave the idea of the song. I remembered at that time while working on the Album Victory, we were discussing with Kascott LK and he will tell me that The Album needed a Reggae Song. And I was like yup. It was the thing missing. But there was no idea of the Reggae. We didn’t know where we could get some Reggae. My Brother LK told me that he will find something and we departed with an hope that we will make a song Reggae and include it on the Album. But from the discussion as I recall, the probability was nearly nil. I am not from a Reggae Culture. So, I really can’t just manufacture something like that. The only one who could have come up with such an Idea was maybe LK as he loves Reggae Music. But even himself, from that talk we had, I don’t think he had any idea of a Reggae Song. I went to sleep that night and at 4 am, I think, I had a melody in my mouth. And the inspiration was Reggae of course. I woke up my brother and gave him the inspiration. He will bless me for that cause he told me he was racking his head off to find anything Reggae. He will promise me to realise my wishes. We are in The Morning. He will hit me up three days later and send me The Instrumental we have now of the song. At the beginning, I wasn’t happy as the song is not Reggae but it has the influence Reggae. Then, I listened to it for a second time and I decided to take it. And I went to write the song Sweeter Than Strawberry. To come up with the song was difficult as LK changed direction of the Instrumental. I had to change too. I refused for so long to go with the inclination of the Instrumental. I wanted to write a song about chilling with my Baby. Then, I went on with the Instrumental and I let my pen flow. And then, I came up with the words: Sweeter Than Strawberry. That’s how it was

About The Transcend: I see that it wasn’t easy. What happened after?

Cyrille The Angel: I recorded the song and it was difficult as it was new to me. I invented lot of stuffs on this song: Sweeter Than Strawberry; lot of stuffs. But when preparing for the release of my First Album Victory, I decided to have it reviewed by a friend. And the friend will tell me that the Song Sweeter Than Strawberry is not good and I should change. I should sing like Chris Brown, that’s what he said. I told him I am Me, Cyrille The Angel and this is how I treat Instrumental. This is what I do. At that Time, I didn’t call it Transcend. This is what I do. The friend will tell me that it is not good and I should do better. To do not hurt people and be more accommodating with them, I decided to put The Auto tune. And this is why you have the Auto tune on My First Album Victory. I never liked it but the Album is for the people to listen. I put the Auto tune and my friend will not answer when asked if it was good but he will ask me how to use the Auto tune. I told to myself that surely he had loved the Song.

About The Transcend: How did you call your Style at that time?

Cyrille The Angel: It has no name. I didn’t understand what I was doing but I did know that it wasn’t Hip-Hop or anything known. And we released the Album Victory like that. It’s just lately, nearly 3 years after the song was written and perform that I will revisit The First version, and I felt in Love with it again. The SONG SWEETER THAN STRAWBERRY is born out of The Dream, you understand. It is The Product of The Dream. It is The Song that Represents The Search… The Search. The Search is written in My Book Victory Addendum where I talk about it in length. And The First Version was That Expression. Even when I wrote The Song, before naming it Sweeter Than Strawberry, I named it The Search of My Darling

About The Transcend: And it is on The Hook… Indeed

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. Now, I look at the Version released, the sweety sweety

About The Transcend: Lol. What is the Sweety Sweety?

Cyrille The Angel: It is The Autotune. People these days like too much sweety sweety. So you had to give them what they want. But The First Version… I wrote The Song to Express In Full My Love to My Dream Girl. Again, you can read it in My Book Victory Addendum. It is as if I kiss her for Real with all my Might. And this is why I said Sweeter Than Strawberry. I mean that Her Kiss tastes like that. Now That Sweety Sweety removed it. It totally removed it.

About The Transcend: I see. This is a Tragedy… and why did you really follow the advice of your friend?

Cyrille The Angel: The Album is made for the People. And I had it in my Deepest Consciousness. But, I should have understand that on this Album there is a Great Part of Me. I am talking of Our Love(The Love I share with My Dream Girl). And this is The real thing. I really wanted to be understandable to people. When listening to the First version three days ago, I was destroyed inside because I knew now that I could make it better. During three years, I have learned new stuffs about mixing and mastering . So, I worked on the Song and I have something now that Really represents The Search at his Full.

About The Transcend: You told me that you nearly didn’t sleep three days ago. Why?

Cyrille The Angel: Because I understood the Importance of Truly Believe in Yourself. And in a Bitter way… I felt like I betrayed My Dream Girl on this song because The Song is Really The Expression of The Dream. It came from My Dream, you know what I’m saying. I was really sad. But I finally slept, woke up in the morning and worked on the song again. He took nearly 6 to 7 hours to finish the song. And what I can say is that it is Truly The Expression of The Dream. I mean I am really Kissing her with whole my Might.

About The Transcend: What will you do with The New Version of The Song Sweeter Than Strawberry?

Cyrille The Angel: I will be more Precise in The Coming days. I will.

About The Transcend: I see. Thank you for opening to us. Thank you.

Cyrille The Angel: Its me who thank you to come and share with me this beautiful afternoon. Thank you.

Indeed, it was a beautiful afternoon when we talk about this terrible experience. I was just reminded that it is really important in Life to really believe in yourself. And believing in Yourself is what really made Cyrille The Angel to this Point. The boy never stopped. He wrote lot of song. He believed in A Dream that no one can catch. And he created The Musical Genre Transcend at an Age where everything is Hip-Hop and no one wants to listen to something else. It is a Story of Despair but of Merits too as there is A New Version of the Song Sweeter Than Strawberry. And he came up to This because he truly believe in Himself.

We Give Credits when It’s Due. I will thank Cyrille The Angel for it.

And Thanks to The Almighty to have blessed Us today with this Version. Thanks.


By About The Transcend

An Evening with La Marquise du Transcend: Saxayah

Well, 2019 has very well started. I can see the mood around; people are again about their business with a new spirit. The world is not changing though as News around the globe are still gloomy but no need to get it twisted. It is what it is.

Yesterday, we had a fantastic evening with La Marquise du Transcend: Saxayah where we talked about this New Year and what she wished. She opened up a bit about herself. For those who would like to know her well, here is The Interview.

Sit back and read

About The Transcend:  Good Evening Saxayah… How are you?

Saxayah: Yes, I’m Great. Thanks. And you?

About The Transcend: I’m ok. Doing great actually. We got a Blog now and everything is going well. It’s been long since we talked. And I’d like to know what do you have for us this year?

Saxayah: Yeah… It’s been long, busy life you know. This year I am thinking of a Maxi Single but to be released in summer time.

About The Transcend: I see. Can we have a little “Resumé” from you? Who is Saxayah?

Saxayah: I am an African Musical Artist from Congo (DR). I started singing at a young age and has been singing in churches and then, I have recorded few songs. I am number 5 in my Family and I have two lovely kids. I am actually living in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

About The Transcend: The Picture is perfect. When you say you will give this year a Maxi Single. What do you mean? It is for the people. They need clarity.

Saxayah: A Maxi Single is a Single; the only thing is it can have two or three songs like bonus.

About The Transcend: I see. We won’t enter the details as it is to be released in Summer (Northern Summer). Save your Passion for Music which is undeniable, what else do you love to do?

Saxayah: I love to spend time with my kids and watch Films. And I’m A Model too.

About The Transcend: Great. If one day, you had to perform Live, where do you want it to be?

Saxayah: Just where I live in The United Kingdom. I love the place and I want people to know me here. I would love to perform in A Big Stadium in London.

About The Transcend: That’s big. You have Grand Ambition….

Saxayah: Lol.

About The Transcend: And how is UK treating you so far? Are you conquering UK people’s heart?

Saxayah: It is hard but we will try our best. I want them to know me from this summer with my Maxi Single. There will be 2 songs on it.

About The Transcend: That’s good. We will wait for it. But, Cyrille The Angel has hinted to me that you two might collaborate again soon. Can we have a Second Collaborative Album between you and him this year again? By The way, guys, you can have their first collaborative Album titled Love here on ITunes:

Saxayah: Yes. Maybe… I will definitely collaborate with Cyrille The Angel. I just let you wait for the surprise…

About The Transcend: Surprise Indeed. The Transcend will celebrate his Second Anniversary. What are your Thoughts about it?

Saxayah: Transcend is getting bigger and is wonderful. I am happy to be one of them; I mean one of the Musical Genre Transcend. It’s a Symbol of The Work and The Perseverance.

About The Transcend: I see. Can you give them Your Social Media Information so that People can follow you and be updated about Saxayah Music?

Saxayah: Of Course… Catch me on Instagram: Saxayah.official

Snapchat: Saxayah.16Kab’s

Facebook: Smkkabs Holly

About The Transcend: And Your Soundcloud and YouTube?

Saxayah: Oh! Yes. My Souncloud is SaxayahSacha and My YouTube skabs2011

About The Transcend: Thank you so much Saxayah. We will talk again soon

Saxayah: It is My Pleasure.

Well, if you didn’t know Saxayah, now you have an Idea of who she is. Go now and find her on Social Media and stay updated.

Enjoy Your Evening


By About The Transcend,

Ahead of The Second Anniversary of The Musical Genre Transcend

In almost a month, The Musical Genre Transcend will celebrate his Second Anniversary. The Musical Genre Transcend was created on the 17th February 2017 by The King of The Transcend: Cyrille The Angel. His mission is to make Music to teach Love, Wisdom, The Self, The Knowledge of The Self and Motivations. It stems for now from Cyrille The Angel’s Music but have music of Saxayah and Aqua who will be introduced to y’all very soon.

But I’d like today to go back to his First year Anniversary where The Shining Stars(Alumni) where celebrated and Cyrille The Angel had to speak about them and made sure they be known. For those who would like to relive it, just go to Cyrille The Angel’s Instagram: @cyrilletheangel and look for posts of the 17 january 2017.

It was a Day of Music. The day started with a Post of The Tremendous Song Thanks to Our Father Almighty by Cyrille The Angel. It is on his first Album Victory. Then, Cyrille The Angel discussed his Musical Influencer: Feu Michael Jackson. And then, a Post of Michael Jackson song Beat It was posted. Many interesting posts were posted that day on Instagram. We are not that big to make a real and big concert but, it was interesting to see how far we have come.

In a month from now, we will celebrate our Second Anniversary. What should we see? What is The results? Well, I see a new platform for Artists to shine and rise above anything else. I see a new definition of Sounds. Cyrille The Angel’s Music speaks for itself: Music filled with Charms and Saxayah Music brought something so interesting on it. The new Addition to the Musical Genre Transcend: Aqua is still in development but her featuring with Cyrille The Angel will be out soon. I see a new generation of Artists coming up soon.

And this is the feel of it. What will happen on the second day of The Anniversary? What will happen? I guess we will have posts of songs Cyrille The Angel made. I hope so. Or, as the Transcend will have new Shining Stars(Alumni) on Board, posts of their songs. Whatever happens on the 17th February of this year, we would like to tell The Transcend: A Big Thank You. Music was never seen like that before. The Marriage between instruments and Culture is just phenomenal.

And this is where my best Guest is perhaps we will have Live performances by Cyrille The Angel, Saxayah or even, Aqua.

Here, we will wish The Musical Genre Transcend a Happy New Year and May It be a year of Great Success to All The Artists on It.


Discography of The Musical Genre Transcend

Victory by Cyrille The Angel

ITunes Link:

Coronation by Cyrille The Angel

Ndulemart Link:

Love by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah

ITunes Link:

Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel

Ndulemart Link:

The Legend of The Transcend is included on this Book:

Victory Addendum by Cyrille Kasongo Ngandu Nzembele aka Cyrille The Angel

Amazon Link:


By About The Transcend

The Single I’ve Always Lived for The Moment by Cyrille The Angel or The Asian Dream

Before starting this Article, I’d like to wish everybody a Happy New Year. And may it be a Better Year. And a Better way is the whole subject on this New Single that gonna drop soon on major digital platforms. Cyrille The Angel came with a song really enriching and pleasant. An exquisite Transcend Song. And this is what I’m going to talk about right now.

The song starts with a heavy drum. When listening to the song for the first time, I was like what is happening. But then, The Pipa, Far East Asian instrument, started to play with Cyrille The Angel starting Transcending his Rap. And I found myself projected into a feel never experienced before. I ask myself what it is. When I thought that Cyrille The Angel will only Transcend his Rap, he starts transcending (Singing Cyrille The Angel’s way, for those who dont know). Here I am gone because I don’t know what’s going on now. Later, Cyrille The Angel transcends his rap and transcends to conclude the song. Everything is merged perfectly to make a perfect Transcend Song. This is one of the many things The Musical Genre Transcend stands for: Marrying everything into one without destroying the other. The attrayant voice of Cyrille The Angel makes the song a tremendous and very charming song, a song that will stay in the Memory of many as The Asian Dream.

Indeed, the song came about when Cyrille The Angel had a dream of seeing a Geisha dancing on a sound of a pipa playing on the background. He was so touched that he added the soprano saxophone and Drums later to make the instrumental we have now. But the most impressive is the use of the Pipa as main instrument. I am impressed by the charm emanating from the instrument. Why good things are hidden, I ask myself? Why do we need to go into the recess of our Mind to find the Best of our lives? You might ask if the next girl or boy you met lately is the one for you. But if you can’t really feel it and work toward it, you will never know. And I see this song as that effort by Cyrille The Angel to reach a Love requiring something special from him: his Skill. And on this song, the skill is tremendous.

I just would like to thank Cyrille The Angel right now for this incredible song. I can’t talk much as the song is not yet out on major digital platforms. But I can assure you to let you know when it is out and available for the streaming and buying. You can follow Cyrille The Angel here on Instagram where he teased his fans with the song: @cyrilletheangel. Just check his recent videos.

To me, the song is a Top Notched Song and Cyrille The Angel transcending and skill are just on another level.

Happy New Year,

By About The Transcend,

Is The Album Coronation by Cyrille The Angel The Crowning of The Bass Guitar?